Why You Need to Invest in Agriculture


Ever since creation one aspect of human activity that started with life and will continue to the end of time is agriculture which today is also referred to as agribusiness.

Agriculture is the pillar of human existence and survival and has sustained mankind from origin. With agriculture we can feed ourselves, get raw materials for our different industrial purposes and ultimately create wealth.

The greatest investment any nation can make is in agriculture at least so it can feed itself and not depend on external or foreign aid to feed its citizens. Thus it is expedient that governments and private citizens make investment in this honorable profession.

Africa is yet to solve its food and nutrition challenges and according to a report released by the United Nations 4 countries are on the Brink of famine within the next six months. These countries are South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Yemen and Northeastern Nigeria. Thus it is imperative that concrete and concerted efforts are made by all to forestall this from happening in our time.

With the increasing population all over Africa with Nigeria as a case study, an investment in Agriculture will definitely be a good area to put your idle and dormant funds in.

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African female rural farmer
African female rural farmer

One question is why people avoid agriculture when in fact it’s a goldmine with vast opportunities. So after reading this article my desire is that you will be motivated to contribute your quota and financial resources towards sustenance and continuity of agriculture.

The essence of this article is thus to give you 7 valid reasons why you should invest in Agriculture.

 Why you should invest in Agriculture

    1  Agriculture supports industrialization:

Food is the most essential commodity on earth and without food life will be a horrible thing to experience. In addition to its value to humans agriculture also provides large industries with raw materials. Examples are sugar refineries, flour industries, and spice producing factories need sugar cane, wheat and pepper/ginger respectively for its operations.

Today these large industries invest in smallholder farmers to provide them with the raw materials they need for uninterrupted production.

As an investor in Agriculture you can tap into this opportunity to keep our industries functional while also creating wealth for yourself.

    2   Serves as a Source of employment:

Since creation Agriculture has been one of the easiest means of creating jobs for youths, women and men and will continue to do so.

Different categories of individuals in the society can be accommodated or employed on farms; from manual laborers, accountants to Agriculture Engineers.

When people especially youths are gainfully employed, crime rates and violence in the society drops to a significant low level. Thus as an investor in agriculture you can technically be referred to as an employer of labor.

    3   You create wealth:

As an investor your intention is to make money. However for money to be made you have to create value. Investing in Agriculture is easily one of the safest and surest means of creating wealth by adding value to life and the society at large.

The knowledge and skill you acquire is an asset which can be transferred to your next generation. As population grows so does food demand with the resultant effect being the need for more investment in agriculture.

So as an investor whose wealth is tied to agriculture, your guess is as good as mine as regards how much wealth you can create consistently.

     4 Low Risk:

Unlike other areas where investment could be made like in the Stock or Forex market, Agriculture is less risky. Over time technology has become an integral part of our life and has been applied substantially in agriculture to enhance productivity.

With the adoption of mechanized farming, organic fertilizers and irrigation farming can be done all year round. An investor in Agriculture is thus guaranteed of continuous operation on his farm. This invariably ensures that food is always available for the populace. It also discourages unnecessary importation of food products we can produce ourselves.

     5  Draws you closer to Nature:

As an investor in Agriculture you are more connected to nature and the preservation of the ecosystem. It’s more or less a divine mandate which also connects you to your maker.

Agricultural practice was in fact the first profession which God ordered man to engage in due to its importance. This therefore simply explains its importance to the society and a nation.

As an investor in Agriculture you are among the clique of individuals who have heeded to that divine mandate which invariably comes with enormous and substantial rewards.

    6  Personal Satisfaction:

The satisfaction you derive seeing your efforts materialize is really gratifying. You personally feel great within yourself that you are doing something worthwhile and beneficial to the society.

As an investor imagine how you will feel when you realize that your effort adds to the preservation of the ecosystem. You definitely will derive personal satisfaction investing your time, energy and resources in Agriculture.

     7   Awakens your Entrepreneurial Skills:

Finally your investment in agriculture awakens your entrepreneurial skills because ultimately you are now in business.

Your first Return On Investment (ROI) has a way of motivating you to engaging in more business oriented ventures. Investing in Agriculture is definitely a good way to develop entrepreneurial skills that will last you a life time.


Categories of agriculture
Categories of agriculture

From the following reasons given above I believe you have been convinced well enough as to why you should invest in agriculture. Agriculture is known to be one of the business ventures that have the possibility and capacity of giving you almost 50% ROI.

You can get started in any area of agriculture that catches your fancy. They areas available are crop, livestock and fish farming.

Do you know why banks give you little interest no matter the amount of money you save in the bank?

Its simply to discourage you from keeping money idle in the vaults. They would rather you invest it in more productive and profitable ventures which Agriculture is one of them.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be left out in this amazing opportunity to contribute towards food security and sufficiency in the society and nation at large.

You can make your own investment in Agriculture and open up opportunities that will position you for bountiful rewards.

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