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The world of agriculture has experienced tremendous innovations over the years as the need to satisfy the insatiable demand for food by humans the world over increases geometrically. Without food, the world will come to a grinding halt and will collapse.

The collapse of societies and the violence that comes with it can be traced to scarcity of food which leads to chaos and breakdown of rule and order.

The burden of producing food has fallen on all categories of farmers; crop, fish, poultry, and livestock farmers. To achieve this, farmers need to move from crude ways of farming to a more modernized and innovative means. The use of mechanical input is quite expensive and as such a larger population of farmers cannot afford to go mechanical.

Today in Nigeria and other parts of Africa hunger and malnutrition are prevalent and according to the United Nations, some regions in Africa would descend into famine. This means millions of women and children are at risk of starvation in this 21st century.

In Nigeria, the cases of banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping have forced many farmers up north to flee their homes triggering a mass exodus of women, children to other parts of the country.

In addition to man-made catastrophe be-deviling Africa, the danger global warming and drought pose are real. Stories of people starving to death are not new to Africa. In recent times; 2011/12 it was reported that more than 200,000 people died of starvation in Somalia. And even now many more are still vulnerable to starvation due to crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa,

Dear farmers we must not allow this ugly trend to occur again in this 21st century. No matter your location as a farmer this ugly situation should be a cause of concern as the prediction of imminent famine remains a likely occurrence. And this can only happen if we fail to take the appropriate action.

The big question is therefore this; how do we work together to address the issue of hunger and by extension starvation in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

As stated earlier the use of mechanical tools might not be feasible due to the high cost of these machines however with the application of certain products farm food yield; crop, fish, poultry, and livestock can be tripled.

I will be introducing you to 4 innovative products that you can use to grow your business as you prepare for the coming farming season. These products are from Japan and have proven to be a game-changer for African farmers.

With manpower and the use of these products we just might be on the path to realizing food sufficiency and the eradication of hunger.

Using these products will ensure the efficient production of safe and high-quality agricultural products. Importantly is the fact that this will be done cost-effectively in a manner that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

  1. Activator: It’s a natural solution for today’s waste management issues that poultry and livestock farmers face. The waste generated from these animals more often than not becomes a problem due to inadequate facilities to dispose of them. However, with Activators, that problem is as good as solved.

The microorganisms and special enzymes that are contained in Activators ensure and promote natural decomposition and deodorization of the waste. It also disinfects all the organic materials in the waste and converts it into nutrient-rich compost that can be used as manure for crops.

Its other benefits is the elimination of foul odor emanating from the waste, it neutralizes harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins and eliminates pathogenic organisms.

When the activator is sprayed on waste it prevents the growth of parasites, worms, maggots, and flies. This helps to keep the environment safe and clean.

How to use: Mix 33 grams of activator in 10 liters of water and allow it to stand for about `12 hours or use 100 grams for 20 liters of water. Then spray the pile of waste. For land preparation and biosecurity use, 33 grams to 20 liters of water and then spray on the land.

Probiotics: Probiotics enhances the absorption of nutrients by poultry and livestock animals. It ensures better digestion which leads to a stronger immune system and healthier reproductive functions of the animals. Its particularly good for poultry birds as well as pigs, cattle, and goats.

Its other benefits are;

  1. It promotes overall poultry and livestock health and boosts their immunity to common diseases.
  2. Reduces mortality of birds to the lowest.
  3. Eliminates fouls odor and improves flock uniformity
  4. Promotes faster growth and improves the quality of meat.
  5. For poultry, it extends the egg-laying period.

How to use probiotics: Mix 1 gram of Probiotics to 5-10 liters of water and soak for 6-12 hours then administer as a drink to your birds.

For livestock mix, 10 grams to 10kg of feed and then give to the animals.

  1. Aqualife: For fish farmers, this is probably the best product you would have ever used. Aqualife improves the water quality of your pond and ensures the high survivability of the fish.

Other benefits are;

  1. Increases marine harvest of all aquatic animals; fish, shrimps, snails, etc.
  2. Improves meat taste and aroma
  3. Induces natural growth of algae
  4. Reduces feed requirements
  5. Improves water quality and livability of the pond.

How to use Aqualife: Mix 33 grams of Aqualife to 20 liters of water or 100 grams to 50-100 liters of water soak overnight or for 6-12 hours to activate the enzymes contained therein. Then pour inside the pond to condition and treat the water.

It can be used at any stage of the life cycle even during hatching or for grow outs. It can be used for all kinds of ponds; natural ponds, concrete, tanks, or tarpaulin ponds.

Farmer’s Friend: Farmer’s friend is the ultimate product for crop production. It enhances the soil naturally and improves soil quality by introducing 20 components of beneficial soil micro-organisms and enzymes that serve as soil boosters.

Other benefits of Farmer’s Friend are;

  1. Increases crop production yields and crop quality
  2. Improves root development of crops.
  3. Accelerates plant growth and strengthens overall plant health.
  4. Reduces the use of synthetic fertilizers significantly.
  5. Rejuvenates the soil neutralizing soil acidity and improving soil structure.
  6. It is highly cost-effective as it reduces the need for the application of pesticides and insect repellants.

How to use farmer’s friend: Mix 33 grams of farmer’s Friend to 20 liters of water (Can be used for about 1 plot) or 100 grams to 50 liters of water (can be used for about 3 plots), 5 packs of 100 grams for 200 liters of water can go for 1 hectare.

Soak and allow to stand for about 6-12 hours. Then spray it on the farm.

Farmer’s Friend can be used alongside organic biofertilizers and poultry manure. But chemical fertilizers are incompatible with Farmer’s Friend.

Using these products will not only ensure food sufficiency it will translate to more money for farmers and create more jobs in rural communities. Therefore, be a part of the new era of innovative-driven food production by using these products.

Wastage and losses reduce profit but with these products farm losses will be eliminated. To learn more CLICK HERE


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