Tree of Wisdom

The Wisdom of King Solomon Series 1



Source of Justice

The rulers of the world should love justice and focus on the Supreme Being with all honesty.

The Supreme Being will always show himself to those who trust him while dishonest people will be separated from him.

A person who is deceitful will never find wisdom while understanding will desert him and his household. Whoever is wise is advised to stay away from such people for his/her own good.

A wise man will always feel uncomfortable when injustice is being perpetuated and also when thoughts are being expressed.

God is aware of all that we say

Tree of WisdomGod hears every word spoken, since he fills the entire planet/ world. An evil spoken will never go unnoticed and unpunished.

Reports of ungodly words are always reported to the Supreme Being and such people will receive the reward they deserve.

Don’t challenge God or complain, for your thoughts are not hidden from him. Therefore do not go around complaining for it does you or anybody any good. There is a severe consequence for every evil spoken.

God did not create Death

God did not invent death, but we bring death upon ourselves by sinful actions. The death of his creation does him no good neither does he desire pleasure from it. He created us and asserted that we were good and his intention for us is to exist infinitely like him.

Death however does not rule this world, God’s Justice does.

Death is brought upon us due to the ungodly things we do. We humans yearn for death as it were our companion or lover. We thus deserve eternal death when we go into partnership with sin.

These Words of Wisdom as written  written by King Solomon is culled from the Deuterocanonical Books. It is summarized in series for your consumption.

Do you find the words valuable and worth reflecting on; if you do leave a comment below lets know what you learnt from this piece.


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