Solar Power: The Best Choice for Power Generation in Homes

There is a present revolution going on presently across the world in the power sector. Man has been able to conquer darkness by his ability to produce power through various means. Everyday scientist and engineers work round the clock to develop innovative ways of solving one of life’s most important needs; light.

One innovative and inexhaustible means of generating power today is the use of Solar Panels. Solar Panels can be used to provide light for homes, farms and offices. It all depends on your need and what you intend to achieve. Hence with more people working from home due to the pandemic, solar panel installations at home is the most effective and efficient means of generating power all year round in your home.

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Origin of Solar Technology

Are you aware if sun energy can be completely trapped and stored for just one hour it can meet our energy need for one full year uninterrupted. The sun is by far the most powerful source of energy on planet earth which if utilized can help preserve our planet due to the clean and renewable energy generated from it.

The emergence of solar power generation significantly changed the scope of power production around the world. The technology behind this transformation is innovating, fascinating and intriguing; a big thinks to engineers and scientist working round the clock to make this achievable.

Though a bit expensive to install, studies have shown that in the long run that its far cheaper to produce energy using this means than other means presently available. With increased interest and competition however, the cost of installing and generating power using solar has significantly reduced.

Use of the sun to generate power has been an ancient practice which can be observed in the basic use of a lens or a magnifying glass to concentrate sun energy for cooking. The Greeks as well as the Romans used the sun in performing certain religious rites as far back as the 7th Century. The Romans also trapped sun or solar energy in Sunrooms to achieve natural warmth and incidentally is still a common practice in modern societies today

Archimedes a popular Greek scientist harnessed the sun’s light energy which he concentrated Roman ships which had besieged Greek water shores. Legendary stories has it that with bronze shield he focused sun energy on their ships and able to attack the Roman forces before they reached shore.

A French scientist Edmond Becquerel in 1839 discovered the increase in electricity when sunlight impinged on metal electrodes; which is called the photovoltaic effect. Some years later precisely in 1883, an American inventor Charles Fritz built the first solar cells using Selenium. Solar power generation has since evolved with Silicon cells replacing Selenium cells and has experienced significant growth in its usage across the globe.

It became known in 1954 when Bell Labs using silicon solar cells generated and achieved 11% production efficiency. This was the first time in history that enough power was generated to power electronic devices for several hours.

With the interest shown by people in recent times efforts have been put in by engineers and scientist to make solar generation efficient and cost effective. With their efforts of the cost of solar panels has reduced for people to generate clean, efficient and low-cost electricity for all.

Advantages of Solar

Having discussed the origins of solar power lets now dive into the benefits of using it to generate power for your home and office. First solar energy is an unlimited and renewable source of energy that does not emit harmful substances like carbon monoxide into the atmosphere like fuel generators. This makes one of the most environment friendly power-generating source. Below are advantages of using solar to power your homes and offices;

  • Low to zero-maintenance cost:

The only major cost associated with the use of solar energy production is the purchase and installation of the solar panels. Once installed maintenance and energy production will cost you nothing which means the cost of installation would be recovered in a short time.

All you need to do is to keep the panel surface clean which is usually done a couple of times a year. This low cost is due to the absence of moving or mechanical parts hence there is no wear or tear. Though there might be need to change the inverters in most cases this could be after 5 years or more.

  • Easy to install and versatility in usage:

Its ease of installation means it can be installed anyway; on rooftops or on any flat surface so long has it is exposed to direct sunlight. Its use in remote locations also makes it one of the most versatile means of generating power.

Today farmers in remote locations without access to water supply can power their boreholes with solar installed close by. This has seen its application in agriculture increase considerably over the past few years.

The flexibility associated with it facilitates the installation of small-scale solar projects which can be up-scaled depending on increase in demand for more power.

  • Reduction in Electricity Bills:

With a solar installed in your home your electricity bills payment will significantly reduce. You can decide to switch between regular power supply and you installed solar power relative to the peak periods you require more energy.

In some homes peak periods could be from 4pm to 10pm while for offices it could be from 11am to 4pm. You can use the regular source at this period to run your numerous gadgets and thereafter switch to solar when there is less demand. This is advisable for people with small sized solar panels.

Using this means you can thus manage what you consume and the payments you make for power consumption.

  • Renewable Energy source:

Solar power generation is the only truly renewable source of energy which makes it the most environmentally friendly source of power generation. It can be harnessed all year round without hitches so long there is sunlight.

It also does not generate noise which is very important in residential areas where noise pollution is any issue. There is also no issue of harmful by-products or waste with the use of solar generated unlike other energy-production systems.

  • Economic Impact:

Due to its reduced maintenance and the inexhaustible source of energy sit helps you to save money. Power being an essential part of life which we cannot do without and imagine a situation where for years you spend little or next to nothing generating it. It’s not subject to market forces after installation except unfavorable weather conditions which you do not have control over.

Nevertheless efforts are being made by engineers to manufacture more sensitive, efficient and affordable solar cells.

It also is a means of creating jobs for youths who in most cases are the installers of solar panels which has a positive effect in the economy of society.

Disadvantages of Solar

  • High Cost:

The initial cost of getting all the required components; Solar panels, batteries, inverters etc. is relatively high. This also includes payments for installation. This however is fast being addressed with the emergency of more efficient panels which is gradually pushing prices down.

Also the cost of batteries is expensive; since the power has to stored; though the power generated can be utilized as it is being produced. This however is not a good practice as far as solar power generation is concerned. This makes batteries an essential component for efficient use of solar power. But if you consider the benefits enumerated above this cost will seem infinitesimal and will just be considered as part of the initial investment cost.

  • Occupies lots of space:

In the absence of a roof top to install, the panels are usually erected on the ground which in most cases takes up a whole lot of space. And the more energy you need the more ground space you will need to create.

This might be a major drawback for areas where land is an issue. The only solution for this is just to have enough space to generate power that will meet your demand.

  • It is weather-dependent:

Solar panels tend to be more efficient when there is sunlight its performance depreciates during cloudy and rainy days. Also solar energy cannot be collected at night and can be discouraging if you have not stored up enough energy during the day.

This is however being addressed with more sensitive solar panels that can absorb the little energy available in the atmosphere during cloudy and rainy days.

In conclusion with this information on the advantages and disadvantages of solar-power generation do you see it as a step worth taking to overcome your energy challenges? If you appreciate its benefits to you and the society at large you can reach our company on 07038513761 to learn how you can get this done for your home, farm or office.


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