Review of the Book The Iconic Revolutionist

Some often ask why we bother studying History when we can lay emphasis on predicting the future. A few do not even believe history is important saying it’s irrelevant when compared with the works of scientist, engineers and doctors.

However a candid look at the importance of history will reveal its indispensability to the advancement of any society. Thus it is imperative that we come to terms with the value history and historical people play in our lives.

This book The Iconic Revolutionist is aimed at educating the average Nigerian on the life and times of certain figures that shaped different aspects of our daily life. History cannot be made without the contribution of people hence this book sufficiently presents stories of important personalities that made history in Nigeria.

The contents and information in this book will help you form a reflective memory of past events and ultimately point you in the direction of the future. Since that essentially is the importance of studying history.

These figures altered the course of history by initiating in some cases or participating actively in processes that we speak of today; in politics, sports, religion, activism etc.

This book is one of the most inspiring, interesting and thought-provoking books you would have ever read. It presents the challenges, trials and contributions of important personalities that have since walked their path on earth.

With the knowledge acquired from this book you will not only have an understanding of who these people were but also the impact they made in our society. As a country we can’t build a framework on which to base our continuous existence unless we understand our past.

The present day issues we face are in most cases directly related to the actions of some of the persons in this book.

After reading this book you will definitely develop political intelligence, affinity for history and ultimately become a better citizen. The information in this book will also motivate you to carry out personal research on historical people and events. You will gradually develop and become a critical thinker of political, social and environmental happenings around you.

Your emotions will also be pricked when you realize that the joy, freedom and independence you enjoy were paid for by some of these people.

You will appreciate that the benefits and pleasure of today we delight in was due to efforts of these historical people for which their legacies speaks loud enough for us to hear.

This book is recommended for all lovers of history, students and all Nigerians.

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