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Real Estate Investment : Partnering with Oxford

The Real Estate Business

Strategic investment in Real Estate is one of the best ways to earn passive income, build a diversified investment portfolio and save for retirement. It is satisfying and lucrative for those who invest in it unlike stocks and bonds.

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Making an investment in real estate is one of the oldest business concepts and provides a steady flow of income. It requires no formal skill or academic knowledge but follows certain rules which include having the ability to identify an investment portfolio that suits you.

Building your investment in real estate involves a collection of different investment assets that is held and managed to achieve a financial goal.

Real Estate is a great investment option and can generate passive income either for short or long term purposes.


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Who is a Real Estate Investor?

A Real Estate investor is one who evaluates the real estate market and purchases a property with the intent of building wealth. He or She can purchase land, residential or commercial property based on their personal specific investment objectives.

The real estate investor also studies and understands the market and takes the opportunity to invest for profit.

How to Make Money from Real Estate                                       

Making money in Real Estate depends on the interest and skills of the investor which helps add value to a real estate purchase. An investment plan could be for just some months while some could be for years. As time goes on so also does the value of the land appreciate.

Reasons to invest in Real Estate

Real Estate Homes
Real Estate Homes

The benefits of investing in real estate are numerous so long as the rights decisions are taken. Thus if you are looking for a secured investment to put in your money, look no further; Real Estate is the answer.

Here are just four reasons to convince you why you need to make an investment in Real Estate today;

  • Earn passive income:

The most important reason to invest in real estate is to earn passive income. Real Estate investment gives an investor the opportunity to make money in addition to whatever kind of business you are into. You can both invest in the short or long-term and still make considerable profit.

  • Tax advantage:

The value of your real estate investment is shielded from government taxation pending when the property is sold. This property would have within this period appreciated in most cases exponentially. The profit made from investment is shielded until you decide to sell your property.

  • As a wealth creation vehicle:

A property in a good location over time can be a vehicle to generate enormous wealth. The value of your investment property increases while the corresponding mortgage financing is reduced nominally through regular mortgage payments.

  • Diversification of funds:

To diversify your funds one of the safest place an investment advisor will advise you to put in your money is in real estate. This ensures your fund is performing well at all times even if there are fluctuations in the economic cycle. Adding real estate investment to your portfolio will help counterbalance volatility of other assets you have. Thus reducing the overall risk of your business portfolio, and providing you with steadier returns.


So haven read through to see the Reasons why you should invest in real estate, are you well convinced that it’s a right business investment to make?

If yes Oxford Group Nigeria is a big player in the industry with years of experience. Great success is being made by investors who through foresight have invested in real estate with Oxford Group Nigeria.

Still skeptical about investing with Oxford here is why you should consider and prefer them as your investment manager;

  • It is Nigeria’s most recognized fastest growing diversified commercial business entity.
  • 24/7 access to clients management team
  • High returns on your investment at a very low risk
  • Insured investment plans with recognized insurance firms.


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