Modern day information is the oxygen of our existence and the man with the best information triumphs. Knowledge and Information liberates the soul and gives power to whoever possesses it. Information brings progress to societies and nations. For information to be effective it needs to be well organized, processed and made avaliable to the right people. Control information and ultimately see yourself control people.

Business Opportunities

business opportunities

Conditions are never perfect for business neither will the stars align perfectly for your sake. Make every day count and perfect and also try to limit the number of details to perfectly suit you. Thus make the most of your inner power by fanning the tiny sparks of possibilities that present themselves to you into flames of achievements.



History is merely a list of past events that shape our future. Anybody can make history by changing his present circumstances. As they say history repeats itself, thus what history makers achieved in the past can be repeated in the present. All you need is refusal to be discouraged by the obstacles on your path to greatness. Read stories of great men that changed the course of humanity. Take the bull by the horn and make history

Sir George Goldie The Father of Nigeria

Sir George Goldie The Father of Nigeria

Sir George Goldie  The existence of Nigeria would never have been what it is today but for the ...

The Berlin Conference and the Scramble for Africa

Background to The Berlin Conference On 15 November 1884 a conference called the Berlin Conference ...

History of Colonial Nigeria (Part 2)

continuation from Part 1 Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates Due to inadequate ...

History of Colonial Nigeria (Part 1)

The History of Colonial Nigeria narrates and relates the events that existed prior to the ...