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Obesity: Excess fat kills

The term obesity or overweight is a medical condition characterized with abnormal or excess accumulation of fat to the extent that it exerts a negative effect on health. Obesity is associated with persons whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30kg/m2. BMI is simply the index weight-for-height and is obtained by dividing the weight of the subject in kilograms by the square of the person’s height. Thus BMI takes into account the weight and height of the person.

According to standards set by the World Health Organization, obesity is a BMI greater than or equal to 30 while overweight is equal to or greater than 25.

An obese or overweight person is at a high risk of experiencing serious diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many others. Obesity has also been linked to clinical depression according to medical professionals.

Asians due to probably their genetic makeup and nature are less prone to developing obesity. However Americans, Europe and certain parts of Africa, especially women are more likely to be obese. Studies have also shown that two obese parents are more likely to an obese offspring relative to two normal parents

Causes of Obesity

Generally obesity and overweight is influenced by a lot of factors which includes; diet, physical activity, environment and individual causes. Consuming more calories than what the body can burn out on daily basis can lead to obesity in the long run. Over this period of time the calories soon accumulate in the body and causes weight gain.

Note that calories alone do not lead to obesity as other unhealthy practices could lead to the accumulation of fat and the consequent health challenge. Common factors that cause obesity include;

  1. Diet

Excess intake of food has been fingered as the major cause of obesity as the composition of diet affects the body mass of individuals. Countries and cultures have their peculiar dietary energy supply and often changes as time evolves. The Americans for example have the highest calories per person with Africa having the least.

The consumption of sweetened beverages, fast-food meals, wheat products and fruit drinks contribute significantly to the rise of obesity across the globe. With the increased need to provide sufficient food for all the consequences has been the unprecedented increase in cases of obesity not just in America and Europe but also in Africa.

  1. Genetics

Genetics plays a major role as one of the causes of obesity in individuals as it influences how the body processes and converts food into energy and how it stores fat. Certain genes in the body controls appetite and metabolism and if skewed encourages obesity when ample food is present. With the presence of food the body is prompted to consume more.

  1. Sedentary (inactive) routine

Our world today is has diverted considerable from what it was centuries ago as people now work from home unlike in the past. As the world shifts towards less strenuous work activities workers tend to exert less pressure on their body. Mechanized farming, technology and artificial intelligence are several modern day work schedule that takes physical exertion from our day to day work activities.

With this their sufficient time to engage in leisure activities and at the same time consuming loads of calorie packed meals.

  1. Social Factors

People of high social status have been observed to be at risk of obesity and overweight in developing countries than in developed societies. This is basically due to income inequality inherent in developing countries as they seem to be less concerned about the nutritional composition of what they consume.

However in developed societies the wealthy have access to more nutritious foods that do not load them with excess calories. They are also methodically interested in their body weight and are under societal pressure to maintain a slim physique.

  1. Depression

A depressed person can often times become over-weight as he foods more just to douse his emotional imbalance.

  1. Smoking

Smoking according to medical practitioners considerably affects an individual’s body weight. A smoker usually has less appetite for food and thus does not add weight appreciably. If he quits eventually it has been observed that he gains noticeable weight as his loss of appetite for food resolves naturally.

This however does not mean that he would become obese it simply shows that smokers are less likely to develop obesity.

How to prevent development of obesity and overweight

Prevention of obesity goes beyond the normal need to reduce excess food intake requiring a multifaceted approach which includes intervention from governments, family level, exercise and others.

Obesity and overweight is preventable but has been the cause of numerous death worldwide with adults and children alike being victims. Obesity is however more common with women than men and has thus become a health challenge in this century. Developed areas of the world have been more affected due to the high nutritious foods they consume while developing nations have the least rate.

The neighborhood one resides also affects ones health if there are limited options as to the kind of food to choose from.

Reduction in the consumption of food that contains fat and sugar and an increase in fiber based foods and appropriate medical advice from experts is a good approach. Thus it is important to restrict consumption of calorie foods and to engage in exercise daily. Abstinence from sugar and sweetened drinks and food is also a good practice as a healthy dietary and lifestyle has been noted to considerably influence weight gain.

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