Crowdfunding in Agriculture: Oxford Agrovest

what is Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is simply the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. The concept behind crowdfunding is based on three participants; the project initiator who proposes the idea, group of individuals who support the idea and a moderating organization that brings the parties together to launch the idea.

Crowdfunding Model
Crowdfunding Model

Crowdfunding has been used as a means to fund very critical projects that impact the society most especially entrepreneurial ventures.

Due to advancement in the way we live Crowdfunding is an innovative approach to business financing.

This idea of contributing funds for investment has been around for a very long time. In fact the popular Statue of Liberty in the United States of America was built with this financing model when there was paucity of funds to complete the project. Hence this concept is not new to the world.

The question then is how do we apply this model in our communities, the society and the nation at large to address critical issues affecting us as a people.

One sector of the Nigerian economy that earnestly needs to adopt this concept is the Agriculture sector. Though already operational in Nigeria many are yet to know about it, how it works and how to benefit from it.

For investors willing to invest in Agriculture Crowdfunding is the way to go. Equity funding, which is a type of Crowdfunding is simply the collective efforts of individuals to support initiatives by other people through the provision of finance. Interestingly your contributions attract a profit which is usually to as Return On Investment (ROI).

The financial input of individuals triggers an exponential process that influences the ultimate value and impact (outcome) of the process. Individual’s acts as an agent who selects and promotes a project he believes in.

The motivation more often than not stems from the feeling of being partly responsible for the success of a project.

Farming is not an easy task which anybody can engage in actively. Even if you have the energy, skill and passion

Farming Tractor
Farming Tractor

for agriculture, input equipment’s, workers and improved seedlings are still issues you will have to contend with.

The importance of agriculture cannot be over-emphasized as it’s the driving force behind the growth of any nation. Unfortunately the growth of Agriculture over the years has been hampered due to paucity of funds.

Nonetheless with the federal governments present drive to diversify into agriculture this is probably the best time to invest in Agriculture.

Crowdfunding is gradually becoming the easiest way to invest in agriculture in Nigeria. It is one of the most innovative and pioneering methods to invest in Agriculture today.

Smart individuals are already taking advantage of this business model in the country. According to economic experts this funding model provides a veritable platform for individuals to invest in and ultimately get an incredible ROI.

Thriving crowdfunding companies making waves in the country include Farmcrowdy, Oxford Agrovest, Thrive Agric and many others

Benefits of crowdfunding
  • An investment platform for those who love farming but do not have to time to participate actively
  • Helps to address the problem of unemployment in the society by empowering farmers giving them the leverage they need to farm more.
  • Increase food production since the farmer now has more funds to expand his operations. This by extension improves his standard of living and gives him the opportunity to cater for his family.
  • With increased production capacity, food security and sustainability can be guaranteed.

Crowdfunding from the above therefore is a viable and scalable source of funding for Agriculture businesses and other projects in Nigeria.

Agricultural investment is necessary to develop and organize the agricultural sector in Africa. In Nigeria, agriculture sector contributes 26.09% of the Gross Domestic Product in Q4 2019 and has consistently done so in 2020. It also accounts for a large percentage of her labor force.

Agriculture is the most important activity African countries can invest in to reduce food dependence on the international market.

Agriculture investments also ensure food security and guarantee the creation of increasing wealth by making agriculture the driving force of the economy of the continent.

For developing countries agriculture has been the backbone of their economy; it has played a significant role to both human development and growth of the economy. It also provides employment opportunities for a large scale of the population.

One company that gives you the opportunity to invest in Agriculture is Oxford International Group under its subsidiary Oxford Agrovest.

Oxford International Group is one of the fastest progressive business empire in Nigeria with over 200 operational businesses.

Oxford AgroInvest has a team of experienced consultants and professionals in the agriculture sector. With this and the employment of precision agronomy and best practices you are guaranteed a consistent high yield.

The company invests and cultivates high-profit local produce and enjoys consistent high-sales profits by selling to established organized markets in Nigeria.

Crops which the company has focused on in the Nigerian market are Ginger, Pepper and Turmeric.

Why invest in Agriculture?
  • It’s a scalable investment that presents a major solution for national development and growth considering the drastic fall in the price of crude oil.
  • Guaranteed 55% ROI with very low risk level
  • 100% insured investment.

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