Coffee: The Most Healthy Beverage for You and Your Health

coffee-beansSo when was the last time you took a cup of coffee; Yesterday, this morning, last week or you have probably never taken a cup of coffee. Taking a cup of coffee is alien to Africans but a tradition in Europe, Asia and America.
There seems to be something fascinating about taking coffee which we are yet to determine as Africans. Coffee is one of the most popular beverage drink consumed all over the world and statistics shows that millions take a cup of this wonderful beverage daily.
Coffee fruits are processed to separate the seeds into a raw product known as unroasted green coffee. The seeds are then roasted and processed into roasted coffee which is thereafter grinded to powder form. The roasted powdered coffee is then mixed in hot water and filtered to produce the stimulating cup of coffee which is usually taken with cream or sugar to mellow the bitter taste.
The major content of coffee is caffeine which according to research has been identified as a beneficial substance to the human body. Though coffee contains numerous other substances the contribution of caffeine cannot be over-emphasized as a psychoactive substance.
This write up will lay emphasis however on the healthy benefits of coffee and why it should be consumed regularly.

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                                                                        10 Health benefits of coffee.
1. Protects the brain against dementia and Alzheimer:
Caffeine in the blood significantly reduces risk of Alzheimer diseases and dementia. Alzheimer if not treated leads to dementia which is loss of memory. But regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer as studies have shown. Caffeine according to documented research boost the brain enzyme that protects the brain against dementia.
Coffee is also known to give your brain memory a boost and thus increases the functionalities of the brain. Coffee is therefore highly recommended for those with short memory and forgetfulness.
2. Reduces Mental fatigue and makes one smarter:
Coffee has been endorsed for office workers and especially those who work late into the night. Working late hours induces mental fatigue and if unchecked could lead to mental breakdown. To prevent a cup of coffee is recommended due to the presence of caffeine.
Caffeine also helps increase mental performance most especially when you are on a tight schedule or seeking out a solution to a problem. Coffee makes you feel less tired and increases your energy level appreciably while on the move.
3. Improves physical performance and reaction time:
A cup of coffee taken an hour before engaging in any major activity, increases your performance by more than 10%. Caffeine increases the adrenalin levels in the blood and also signals fat cells to break down body fat. The breakdown of fat into free fatty acids releases fuel for the body to be energized and thus improves your physical performance.
With an energized body your reaction time is improved while on site or at home.
4. Reduces depression and makes one happier:
Coffee when consumed acts as an antidepressant by boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain that makes you feel happy.
In other words it reduces the risk of suicidal thoughts and depression as it helps to control mood swings.

Cup of coffee

5. Protects against Parkinson’s diseases:
Parkinson’s disease is a deadly disease after Alzheimer’s as the second most common neurodegenerative disorder that develops slowly over a period of time. It is caused primarily due to the death of dopamine-generating neurons in the brain and causes speech problems, slow movements and development of tremors. Unfortunately there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease but regular consumption of coffee has been discovered to be a formidable defense against the development of this ailment.
As one advances in age it is advisable to take coffee as this lowers the risk of this disease.
6. Reduces risk of Stroke and Heart diseases:
The thought of being down with stroke is terrible and scary to imagine. Studies have however shown that drinking coffee regularly can prevent stroke and reduces risk of heart diseases.
A disorder in the blood vessels usually results to heart related diseases with coffee this could considerably lower the risk of experiencing heart failures.
7. Reduces risk of Diabetes:
The most common diabetes, Type 2 diabetes caused by inability of the body to secrete insulin has been observed to reduce when coffee is frequently taken. The caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity and weakens glucose tolerance. Therefore to prevent Type 2 diabetes, regularly consuming coffee lowers the risk of its development.
8. Reduces risk of cancer:
Cancer as a cell based disease has been identified as one of the world’s major causes of deaths as it grows in several parts of the body. It affects the liver, stomach, breast and even the brain. Coffee intake fortunately has been discovered to be a strong preventive measure against the growth of cancer organisms in the body.
Coffee reduces development of prostate cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women. It also protects the body against liver and colorectal cancer.
9. Enhances sexual performance:
Poor performance sexually can be addressed by regular consumption of coffee. Men with erectile dysfunction were observed to experience a healthy sexual life after daily coffee consumption was recommended.
It is also beneficial to women with low sexual desire as the caffeine increased blood flow to the genitals thereby increasing libido.
10. Prolongs life:
If taking coffee can prevent all the diseases mentioned above it invariably means it prolongs life. This is because it lowers risk of premature death when compared with those who do not drink coffee. Coffee contains a lot of anti-oxidants that works to help the fight against free radicals in the body.

Coffee PackDespite all these amazing benefits of coffee consumption there are circumstances where coffee intake could be a problem.
Pregnant women are advised not to take coffee as it affects the baby in the womb at most a cup is permissible for compulsive drinkers.
An overdose of coffee (about 80 cups in a short time) is lethal and can kill as the caffeine in the body is beyond what it can cope with. Before death occurs however vomiting will take place signaling to the drinker that you have had enough.
If your body is allergic to caffeine it could induce insomnia and restlessness. Hence understand your body system and decide if coffee is good for you otherwise stay away.
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